Feng Shui (PhoongShway)
As long as you live on Planet Earth, we can perform an accurate and professional feng shui reading. All readings are done on-site. Why? Because on-site analysis affords us the opportunity to clearly understand the cause of your misfortune in business or at home. By personally evaluating your exterior and interior environments we will be able to suggest solutions, which can eliminate your trouble, bringing you increased prosperity, good health, and helpful relationships.

But, feng shui is not only for those who have problems. If you're looking for an edge up, a way toenhance and promote better business, than feng shui is for you, too. Just e-mail us and we'll discuss your needs, fees, and travel arrangements (if applicable).
What does a reading include?

  • The current 20-year cycle you're in and how its energy field affects you. If this cycle is causing financial or social blocks, remedies will be offered.

  • The annual cycle you're in and how its energy field affects you.

  • Your compatibility with your home.

  • Your compatibility with your business associates/family members.

  • Your best sleeping and work/study directions.

  • The best rooms for certain functions.

  • Room-by-room remedies or enhancements to promote a more prosperous and healthful livelihood.

  • Your most favorable color schemes.

  • Suggestions about furniture placement to allow qi to flow unobstructed.

We sincerely hope you will choose to benefit from feng shui's power.

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