Kerala Municipal Building Rules (KMBR 1999)

Building Rules was inplemented in all Municipalites in Kerala on 1984. In 1999, it was amended and implemented with several changes in it.
Considering the stringent rules which are followed in the State had helped us in the better town planning possibilities of the State. The Rules were delayed much in implementing in the Panchayaths, by this time a lot of violated constructions were already been taken place.
In nearby Grama Panchayats of Municipal Corporations of Ernakulam, Trivandrum and Calicut districts, a lot of unauthorized constructions had happened before the KMBR came into force in 2001. Even after that the Grama Panchayaths were equipped very late in giving the the proper approval due to shortage of qualified staffs.

One of the major problem we face in the strict implementation of this Rules is the corruption in Government offices. This is similar like some common corruption exists in RTO offices &  Taxation and Registration Departments. When people go for some creative or innovative ventures, corrupted governement mechanism starts functioning there! 

To see the KMBR, click the official link of Town Planning Department, Government of Kerala.

or Click this link.

Also you can download KMBR directly in PDF format.

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