Ar. Helmut Zeihe & Suresh Lal
Suresh Lal wth eminent Vaastu & Baubiology experts
TV talk in Kairali TV
Book #2: Jeevanulla Kettidangal - Front Page
Book #2: Jeevanulla Kettidangal - Rear Page
message from Ar. Heihe
Book #1: Front Page
Book #1; Rear Page
bookrelease in Dubai by ROOTS
Bookrelease in Dubai
Bookrelease addressing the audience
bookrelease the dias
Vaastu Seminar Dubai
Naheed brook presents certificate
lal caricature.jpg
TV Jeevan 2.jpg
TV Jeevan 3.jpg
TV Jeevan 3.jpg
TV kairali 2.jpg
TV kairali 2.jpg
TV kairali 2.jpg
vaastu panorama2008-photo2M.jpg
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