Technical Papers & Seminars
International Seminars
1. Vaastu Panorama 2008, Indoor, MP, INDIA
Ayadi Shadvarga as per Manshyalaya Chandrila. View...
2. Seminar on Vaastu Shashtra in Dubai
No paper available
News Paper Cutting- Arabia
3. Paper Presented on Vaastu Survey during the International Vedic Sciences Congress, Bangalore

Click here to see the  Survey Reports
National Level Seminars
1.  Seminar on Low Cost Construction Techniques, Kochi
file missing - will be uploaded soon

2. Seminar on 'Construction Techniques for Earth Quake resistant Buildings' by Kerala State Nirmiti Kendra (KESNIK)

3. Laurie Baker Memorial Talk at Trivandum, Kerala
file missing - will be uploaded soon

4. Bau Biology Seminar in Institution of Engineers (I), Kochi
file missing - will be uploaded soon

5. Vaastu & Interior Decoration works, Trivandrum

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