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Technology should ease the life of common man and it should catalyze in creating a new world every one dreams!

Kerala is a web site dedicated to the building construction sector. The Designer Community, Local Authorities, Contractors, Builders, House Owners and the common man who dream for a shelter shall be benefited from this site. This is a non-commercial website giving importance to knowledge sharing on Construction and engineering. Building construction, construction related information, Vaastu, Bau Biology, Feng Shui, real-estate, published materials, building plans etc. are the major contents of the site. This website is a compilation of my professional experience of past 24 years in India and abroad.

The site is developed by me and the contents are written in plain, clear English. I am sure that the information shall be useful to you.

InĀ  'My Publications' page, I have included several scanned files of the articles published in some leading periodicals in Malayalam. It is very informative and useful.

Recently Vaastu, Feng Shui and Bau biology have great importance in Building construction. These basic knowledge shall help you in future construction or in purchase of land or buildings.

You can also download some sample building plans, several technical papers and my published books in PDF format absolutely free!

Please email me your comments and suggestions to improve this website. Happy Browsing !

Sureshlal SD
B.Tech, MBA, PGDCA, C.Eng(I), FIV, MIE

Managing Director [Lal Associates & Padippurayil Consultants]
General Manager- Projects (GMR Projects Pvt Ltd, Bangalore)
Chief Engineer & AGM (K. Raheja Corp., Trivandrum & Bangalore)
Head Projects - IBIS Hotels Kochi & Coimbatore (Indigo Airlines Group, Gurgaon)


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