Vaastu Consultancy

We believe still scientific Vaastu is very vital in this ere also. It is Solon linked to the sustainable artifact or holistic expression which fill old to study from the earliest manhood.

Based on the classic sanskrit text Manushyalaya Chandrika prescriptions, we undertake the consultancy entirety and Vaastu correction recommendations. We know buildings very well, so the design and corrections based on Vaastu is very safe in our hands.

Er. Suresh Lal SD (MD, Lal Associates) had publicized various articles in Vaastu in different popular magazines. His articles can be read here. He is the Executive Committee Member of the reputed Trust called Vastuvidyapratisthanamm formed to promote the traditional Vaastu knowledge. The goal of Vastuvidyapratisthanam is to enquire into philosophy and theory of Vastuvidya and interpret the same in the changing context of human development, with regard to materials, space and time with special reference to Indian context.

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You can also read several articles in & based on the experience and observations of the Vedic Vaastu.